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the problem

The Fashion Industry is one of the world’s largest polluters. The current state of the industry destroys our earth and ruins the livelihoods of people. Consumerism is one of the reasons the industry has such a significant impact on our earth. We are buying more clothes than ever before because they are cheaper, highly accessible and easily disposable. Loose business standards also mean businesses don’t have to reveal details about their supply chain. Lack of disclosure of information such as the sourcing of materials and the make of garments makes it difficult to assess business practices. The industry simply needs to change!

the solution

We are lucky that there are businesses that are out there that have already acknowledged the issue and are making changes. There is a growing number of retailers introducing sustainable initiatives such as in-store recycling schemes. New technologies are also being designed to re-engineer clothing into new styles with minimal use of virgin materials, water, energy and chemicals. On the consumer end, businesses like Good On You are helping shoppers make sustainable and ethical purchases by providing a rating system for ethical & sustainable shopping.  This is just the beginning of the Sustainable Fashion Industry.

The Fashion Industry

is a major polluter of our planet.


Tellus is out to change this. 


We want to work with you

to create change.

Tellus is a community of individuals who are passionate about climate justice. Tellus believes that climate justice can be achieved through small changes, one industry at a time. That’s why we’ve decided to tackle climate change in the fashion industry. To do this, we believe there has to be a shift in consciousness. Tasks that once seemed impossible will now be achievable. From here, we will slowly make the fashion industry a better place, especially for our planet earth. 



The word Tellus comes from Ancient Roman Mythology, meaning the goddess of the earth. In Latin, Tellus means land and earth. 


The words “tell” and “us” encapsulates us as a community. We are asking our members to share their stories so that we can create meaningful solutions together.



We are a diverse and inclusive community that prides itself on the following three values: 


Consciousness: We are aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. We are growing in awareness and continuously striving to make better purchasing decisions in the fashion industry. 

Curiosity: We aspire to learn more about the fashion industry and share our stories and knowledge with one another. 

Commitment: We are all invested in making the fashion industry a better place. We are motivated both personally and collectively to bring about climate justice through the fashion industry.



Just as we anticipate members to be mindful of the above, we promise to provide the following: 


A sense of belonging. We want all our members to feel as though they can be their authentic selves. 

A space of non-judgement. Members should feel comfortable to share their thoughts and feelings in our safe space. 

Collaboration. With like-minded brands and companies, to grow as a community. 


What are your expectations?  Share them with us below!